Chemical Database

Extensive Chemical Database

To guarantee the safety of cosmetic and technical products with chemical substances and mixtures, a safety report is necessary. The availability of chemical data is required to create a PIF or SDS. To prevent everybody to have to search for data, CHESSOL has it's own chemical database. This saves our customers time and reduces delivery time of a PIF / SDS.

Database with more than 200.000 chemicals

The CHESSOL chemical database contains 200.000+ chemicals, 9.000+ raw materials and a large amount of valuable toxicity data. Everyday this database is growing through:

Our own CHESSOL experts
Daily our regulatory experts create cosmetic PIF's and (e)-SDS's for our customers. At the same time they add data to the chemical database. Our experts make sure that this data is complete and checked before it becomes available for our customers.

Our customers
There is a large amount of chemical data available worldwide. Despite our efforts, the CHESSOL database will not contain all data our customers need. Therefore customers can add or modify data whenever required by themselves. To guarantee the data is correct, our CHESSOL team will check and validate the data before it becomes available for all users. However, sharing the chemical data is not compulsory.

Chemical data: share it or keep it private

When a manufacturer or importer of cosmetic and/or technical products adds new chemicals to the database, he is free to share this information with other customers. But he can also keeps this data private, e.g. when this data has been acquired confidentially. However, CHESSOL believes that sharing data in the chemical database with other customers is very efficient: it saves time, energy and money. Please note that when data is only for private use, the customer does not receive the centrally released updates for the concerning chemical.