Expert Support Services Overview

Integrated Expert Support

With the ever changing legislation, it becomes more difficult to make a Cosmetic PIF and/or (e)-SDS. CHESSOL therefore also offers expert support to assist your company to make sure the PIF / (e-)SDS is 100% according to the applicable legislation. Your PIF / (e-)SDS is also our responsibility.

Companies which have their own regulatory expert will need less support compared to companies who do not have an in-house expert. Therefore CHESSOL offers services at different levels.

Expert Support - Cosmetic PIF

Complete support
CHESSOL offers companies the possibility to completely outsource the their Cosmetic PIF's to our regulatory experts. Just provide us with the right formula and required additional information of your cosmetic of your product and we will do the rest. Our experts are fully qualified to create and sign your cosmetic PIF.

Support on request
Companies which can create and sign a cosmetic PIF themselves can also ask our CHESSOL Team for support whenever necessary. Depending on your request we will first create a (fixed-price) proposal. When you approve the proposal, we will make sure the required work is done.

Expert Support - (e)-SDS

For a (extended) Safety Document Sheet companies can bring in the support of CHESSOL. Our regulatory experts will create the (e)-SDS for your product, incl. the mandatory review. Our experts will provide your company with a complete and accurate SDS according to the latest available regulations and with special attention paid to country specific information/restrictions.

Extra services

Multiple languages
Our chemical documents are available in multiple languages:

  • For Cosmetic PIF, CHESSOL supports English, French & Italian. Other languages are available on request.
  • (e)-SDS-es are available in all the 26 European languages.

Automatic updates
For changes in the chemical legislation which might be relevant for your product, CHESSOL informs you automatically.